Drip Coffee Maker – Bonavita BV1800

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Drip Coffee Maker – Bonavita BV1800

Drip Coffee Maker – Bonavita BV1800

I still keep a drip coffee maker around because there are days when I like to slow down and feel like I’m not in a rush to go anywhere. My favorite drip coffee maker happens to be the Bonavita 1800.

I remember when I first got it how impressed I was with it. The first thing I noticed was the Specialty Coffee Associate of America’s Certified Brewer Equipment award. The very first thing I noticed was the coffee that comes out of this machine is extremely HOT. I measured approximately 184* F freshly brewed. During the brew process you can be anywhere from 195* to 205*.

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This kit comes with:

* Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker
* Bonavita Thermal Carafe
* Carafe Lid
* Filter Basket
* 2 Piece 16 oz. Stoneware Coffee Mug
* 2 Piece 4.5″ Cup & Saucer Demi Spoon

Bonavita 1800 Drip Coffee Maker

Recommended Accessories:

* Extra filters. Definitely get some extras, especially if you love your morning coffee!
* More of your favorite coffee!


The setup is pretty straight forward. I did breifly go through the instructions just to see what they say. The manual is basic and easy to follow.

The overall brew cycle is pretty quick and comes in just a hair under six minutes. Again I did not choose a drip coffee maker for speed. It lets me brew up to eight cups while I am home relaxing or if I have company and I don’t want to go through k-cup after k-cup.

The coffee? It tasted AMAZING. It was nice and hot at around 183* even after sitting for a while it was still very hot and still tasted nice and fresh. Please be careful!

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Cleaning is again straight forward like 90% of drip coffee makers. Just rinse. No sponge work or scrubbers needed.


Great drip coffee maker for the money. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee that will stay nice and hot even after sitting. There is no plastic taste that you get with some makers. Cleanup is simple and brewing is quick, clean and easy. You can brew up to eight cups at one time if you have company coming over.

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Best Coffee Maker 2012 – Keurig Mini B31 Plus

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Best Coffee Maker 2012 – Keurig Mini B31 Plus

So I’ve been testing and using this Keurig for a couple of months now and I have to say it surpassed all my expectations. It’s another great option if you don’t need all the features on the more expensive Keurig machines.

So let’s get into the pros of this really nifty single cup brewer.

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Best Coffee Maker 2012 - Keurig Mini B31

Ease of use: The Keurig is, in a way, fool proof. The brewing process is totally streamlined. There are no complex displays or buttons all over the place and theres no timer either. Just fill it up, turn it on and start brewing.

Cleaning: The unit has been designed in a way so it will need little clean up and maintenance. Mostly just a light cleaning of the drip tray will suffice and keep the unit nice and clean. Remember to always use distilled or filtered water.

Size: This unit can fit into the tightest of spaces which is great if you have limited counter space. Whereas some of the bigger, full featured Keurig units have a slightly larger footprint. It also fits great if you have cabinets that hang a little lower as well.

The Coffee: Certainly no complaints here. It brews a great cup of coffee with great flavors and aromas. Not to mention there are SO many flavors and varities available it will make your head spin. (in a good way of course)

Energy Savings: If you like to make your coffee and walk way, don’t worry the machine shuts itself off after some time.

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So your probably asking yourself what are the cons? Well I won’t lie, there are one or two little cons, but by no means are they deal breakers and the pros out weight the cons. Basically no x-large mugs will work comfortably with this unit.

Conclusion: If you accept the fact that you can’t use a large mug with this machine and you are comfortable with the size and you are just looking for a quick cup of coffee then this is the model for you. Certainly a top pick for best coffee maker 2012.

4 out of 5 stars from me!


Best Coffee Maker 2012 – Keurig K75 Brewer

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Best Coffee Maker 2012 – Keurig K75 Brewer

Best Coffee Maker 2012 – Keurig K75 Brewer

So as you probably know I’m a huge coffee person. When I was first shopping around for single cup brewing system I was amazed at the selection, but one stood out from all the rest and passed my taste test with flying colors. This was the Keurig K75 single cup brewing system. Easily our top pick for the best coffee maker 2012. After reading a few reviews I took the plunge and bought the unit, curious about all the hype.


Best Coffee Maker 2013 – BUNN ST Velocity Brew

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Best Coffee Maker 2013 – BUNN ST Velocity Brew

Best Coffee Maker 2013 – BUNN ST Velocity Brew

The first thing to keep in mind about this particular brewer is they have an initial 15 minute setup, so if you unplug it at anytime you need to go through this 15 minute setup again. So once you fill up your reservoir you will need to give the machine 15 minutes while it preheats and gets setup. If you are the type of person that does not like to leave things plugged in when you’re not home then may need to look at another brewer.